Info to help protect you when you buy!

We highly recommend that you visit the RCMP “CPIC” website before you purchase a used vehicle. The CPIC website is updated by the RCMP every 24 hours with the serial numbers of stolen vehicles, including: ATVs, Snowmobiles, and Motorbikes. You just enter the vehicle serial number, and if it says “no records found” that vehicle has not been reported stolen. If it has been reported stolen it will tell you to contact your local RCMP. A registry office title search will not give you this information.
Since we at The Sled Parlor Inc. Have discovered this website it is now our policy to check the serial numbers of the used machines that come through our doors when we purchase them, and again before we sell them to you the consumer.
So protect yourselves and check before you buy! If you purchase a stolen vehicle the RMCP will confiscate it and you are out the money, not the person who sold it to you.

Let it snow

05 SX Viper 700 triple with SLP Pipes

You can watch the video here.  


You Tube Link to Let is Snow Video





Crashed Lately?

If you have had a roll over, a tunnel twisted, hit a rock or a tree, even written your machine off, we may be able to help. The Sled Parlor Inc. is always on the lookout for damaged machines to part out. Even if your insurance company has written the machine off, it just may be worth your while to buy it out and sell it to us. So contact us with the year, make, model, and an accurate description of the damage for an estimate.

Old Blog

Some of our more interesting blogging was done on our old Blog, and I just have not had time to move the pictures and video's over to the new one... so we really encourage you to go and check out the old blog.  See video's of the twin tracked "Fundra" that is made from two Tundras connected side by side.  Check out the Polaris Assult Wheelie and more.  

To check it out go to

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