Info to help protect you when you buy!

We highly recommend that you visit the RCMP “CPIC” website before you purchase a used vehicle. The CPIC website is updated by the RCMP every 24 hours with the serial numbers of stolen vehicles, including: ATVs, Snowmobiles, and Motorbikes. You just enter the vehicle serial number, and if it says “no records found” that vehicle has not been reported stolen. If it has been reported stolen it will tell you to contact your local RCMP. A registry office title search will not give you this information.
Since we at The Sled Parlor Inc. Have discovered this website it is now our policy to check the serial numbers of the used machines that come through our doors when we purchase them, and again before we sell them to you the consumer.
So protect yourselves and check before you buy! If you purchase a stolen vehicle the RMCP will confiscate it and you are out the money, not the person who sold it to you.