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Monday night (Nov.13) The Sled Parlor suffered a fairly destructive fire. There is a lot of damage that has to be assessed as we decide what can be salvaged, and decide how to rebuild the shop.

We will not be open regular hours, but we would like to try and help those we can, we can still order in new aftermarket parts, and there were some used parts outside. If we think we can help you we will return your call or email and arrange an appointment for you. We are extremely busy with insurance companies and contractors, but in our spare time we will limp along. When you call you will only get the answering machine, so please leave a message.

We want to thank the Carstairs, Didsbury, Cremona, Olds, and Crossfield fire departments, and around 50 fire fighters who battled the flames, some of you fought all night long, may God Bless you.

We also want to thank Personal Electric, Corner-stone Enterprises, and Monster Excavation who made sure we got temporary power and water to the house so quickly!! Along with this so many friends, family, neighbors, and customers who are showing such love and support in so many different and amazing ways!!!

Thanks to you, our customers that have supported us for nearly 15 years, many of you have become dear friends.

Please check back for regular updates.

 Landon and Marti


Directions to the Sled Parlor

To aid in your travel to The Sled Parlor, we have included Maps and Directions that you can view and print to help you find us easier.

Maps and Directions

Visit us for used ATV parts and Snowmobile parts.
We can order in new aftermarket parts

Canadian Police Information Center

Before you purchase a USED vehicle:check out our blog posting about the Canadian Police Information Center website or click the link below to go directly to the CPIC website.

CPIC website

Your local Quad Wrecker & Snowmobile Wrecker,
helping keep your purchases safe!

Sled Parlor Information

Hours of Operation
The Sled Parlor will be closed until further notice due to a fire.
Please check back for regular updates.

Google Map

It has been brought to our attention that searching for The Sled Parlor using "Google Maps" may identify our shop in the wrong location. The Sled Parlor is located approximately 10.5 kms WEST of Carstairs on the south side of Township road 303 (Carstairs Blind Line) between Range Roads 2.4 and 2.5.The map on our site is correct and the directions accessed through the links above are accurate.We are working with Google Maps to correct the problem and it appears that the issue has been resolved but please make sure that you are navigating to the location as identified on our website. We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
As always if you need assistance please call us at +1 (403) 337-4093